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Riverwood Pond

Pitch: You've been out in the wilderness since the morning, trailing along the river, until you stumbled upon a small surreal pond with a resting bench. You push yourself through the final steps with the sun basking your back. When you finally make it to the bench, you quickly slump down to take a rest while staring in awe at a beautiful sunset.

This project, which I named Riverwood Pond, had a huge focus on a realistic art style and composition. A experimented with warm and cozy colors, mixed with the vibrant colors of nature that are pleasing to the eyes. The atmosphere is meant to be soothing and relaxing.
In this project, I learned how to create waterfalls with particle systems, custom shaders using Shaderforge with vertex offsets, panners, and refraction maps, and hand modeling trees and rocks.

** NOTE: The oak and pine trees were provided to me by SpeedTree (the weeping willow is my own).

Chris wen composition

Main Composition

Chris wen willowcloseup

Weeping willow and pagoda statue assets

Chris wen particlesystem

Particle system fountain